Troop 301 is based in Scripps Ranch in San Diego, California. We have a dynamic troop of over 50 boys who exemplify the ideals of character and leadership. Troop 301 has a very active outdoor program, and activities to choose from include: cycling and mountain biking, canoeing/kayaking/snorkeling/SCUBA at ocean camps; rocketry; hiking and backpacking locally, in the Sierras, and at Philmont Scout Reservation, New Mexico; Florida Sea Base Adventure; caving; High Ropes Challenge Courses; rock climbing; four summertime adventures each year to choose from. These activities follow the model of Boy Leadership, as older Scouts, with adult support, are the leaders of these and the other Troop activities.

Scoutmaster – Dr. Steven Sanders

Dr. Sanders comes to the Scoutmaster position with over 12 years of experience as an adult Scouting leader, including 3 years as an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 301 since 2015.
In his professional life, Dr. Sanders is a Senior Director of Molecular and Computational Biology at Cibus LLC. He has held many other positions of responsibility, including 5 years as Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio. Dr. Sanders holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Oklahoma and a Ph.D. in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
As a youth Dr. Sanders was an active Scout, earning the Eagle Scout rank, attending the 75th National Jamboree, and trekking through Philmont Scout Ranch. He has also served as a coach for the First Lego Robotics League. As Scoutmaster, Dr. Sanders will continue the philosophy of Troop 301 to provide a myriad of opportunities for young people to grow and learn in a safe and fun environment built on the core Scouting values.


Troop 301 Founder and Scoutmaster Emeritus – Dr. Bryon Solberg

Dr. Bryon has been rewarded the ESAA SDIC Scoutmaster of the Year and NESA National Outstanding Eagle Scout before retired from Scoutmaster in September 2018 and being promoted to Scoutmaster Emeritus. Below is a picture of him and some of the Troop’s 64 (as of 2018) Eagle Scouts and Dr. Sanders at the 2018 Eagle Reunion.

20181227 dr. b's retirement party 0325

He earned the Eagle Scout Rank in Troop 301 of San Carlos/Belmont in November 1978. (Northern California). Vigil Honor, 7-year summer camp staff, Silver Beaver Recipient. Genetics Degree (U.C. Davis, 1983), M.D. Degree (U.C. San Diego, 1987).
Transitional Internship, Mercy Hospital, San Diego. Anesthesiology Residency, Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle Washington. Yosemite Association hiking and backpacking guide.
Eagle Project: Planned, surveyed, mapped, and placed cement blocks to create across country orienteering course in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Three generations: four Eagle Scouts.
Garrett Solberg: 2012, Troop 301 of Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA
Josh Solberg: 2009, Troop 301 of Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA
Dr. Bryon Solberg: 1978, Troop 301 of San Carlos/Belmont, CA
Mr. Gerry Solberg: 1952, Stanley, North Dakota.

History of Troop 301

The initial charter date was January 3, 2007.
As we look back on the first four years, the journey has been amazing. The Troop was born because we wanted a great Scouting experience for our sons. . . and we believed it could happen. Just some of the highlights:
**Five Eagle Scouts in the last 15 months, and 20(!) more young men with their Eagle Scout Rank almost complete.
**Ten 50 mile “High Adventure” trips, including treks in Yosemite, backpacking in New Mexico (Philmont), and canoe treks on the Colorado River.
**Sweeps of the awards at competitions at District Camporee, aquacades, and summer camps.
**Offering over 40 nights of camping and 200 miles of hiking each year.
**Quality Unit Awards each of the Troop’s first four years.
**Serving the community with Cub Scout Webelos Day,  Scout Fair, and Den Chiefs; staffing school fundraiser fairs; food drives; baseball field improvements; Lake Miramar kiosks, distance markers, and flag pole; Lake Jennings and San Diego County wildlife habitat improvements; local school infrastructure improvements.
A friend of mine started a church about the same time our Troop was formed.  His mentor told him: “Of all your friends who are  helping you start this church, they will all be gone by the time this church is two years old!” His mentor was right: they were all gone within two years. Troop 301 did not suffer a similar fate.
From a historical perspective, we wanted to place this in writing for “Institutional Memory,” and say “Thank you!” to the families who helped create this Troop.  They have made so much possible by their service for our sons and Scouting “from the beginning” through the first four years of Troop 301. In the future, we need to document the recipients of our Troop’s “Volunteers of the Year” awards, as many families have joined subsequent to the founding of the Troop, and have given significant, consistent, and loyal service.
The words below are a small sample of these founding parents’ service, and cannot capture all they have done for our Troop. It is a sampling of their service, as we say “THANK YOU!” to each of you. We so appreciate your loyalty to Troop 301!
Dr. Bryon Solberg, M.D.
Troop 301 Founding Scoutmaster
Troop 301 Four Year Family Honor Roll: From the initial chartering of January 3, 2007.
*Abeyta: driving, hiking, Eagle Scout Mentor, Troop Store Chair, Troop Committee.
*Barkell: driving, camping, Tour Leader for multiple Catalina Island Emerald Bay Summer Camps,
Troop Committee, Scoutmaster Corps.
*DeRego: driving, hiking, biking, camping, Board of Review Chair/Member,  Yosemite 50 miler,
Troop Committee.
*Ford/Peters: driving, hiking, biking, camping, Board of Review Member,  Yosemite 50 miler,
Troop Committee.
*Gibson: driving, hiking, camping, Board of Review Member.
Scoutmaster Conferences for the Scoutmaster’s sons, Scoutmaster Corps.
*Graham: driving, hiking, camping, Board of Review Member, Merit Badge Counselor Chair, Troop Committee.
*Hallums: driving, hiking, camping, Board of Review Member, Yosemite 50 milers, merit badge counselor.
Troop Committee.
*Khuu: driving, hiking, Board of Review Member, Awards Chair. Troop Committee.
*Mosely: driving, hiking, camping, Board of Review Member, merit badge counselor, canoeing leader, Founding Committee Chair, Chartered Organizational Representative.
*Nagano: driving, hiking, camping, summer camp leader. Troop Committee, Scoutmaster Corps.
*Ordonez: driving, hiking, Board of Review Member. Troop Committee.
*Rowland: driving, hiking, Board of Review Member, Troop Secretary, Popcorn Kernel. Troop Committee.
*Simmons: driving, hiking, camping, Board of Review Member, Troop Committee, Yosemite 50 miler, merit badge counselor, Philmont Leader, Troop Treasurer.
*Trubitt:  This family joined just a few weeks after the Troop chartered, and their service deserves to be mentioned here. Driving, hiking, camping, Board of Review Member, Yosemite 50 milers, merit badge counselor, summer camp leader, Philmont Leader, securing meeting locations. Troop Committee, Scoutmaster Corps.
Vildibill: driving, hiking, camping, summer camp leader. Webmaster Chair, Founding Chartered Organizational Representative. Scoutmaster Conferences for the Scoutmaster’s sons. Scoutmaster Corps.
Vishwanath: driving, hiking, camping, Advancement Chair. Troop Committee.

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